Trevor Hill, Director
Trevor C. Hill (Producer / Director)

Trevor attended University of Southern California and University of Utah and graduated with a degree in film and has a passion for start-up companies and media production. Genesis Media Works, based in Salt Lake City, UT, produces works ranging from commercial/industrial video to transformative social documentary films. Genesis is in various stages of producing several feature documentaries including Rise (a Spanish/English documentary filmed in Honduras), Karōshi and the Ethic of Work (a workforce / wellness research project), The Religious Test (about religion and American presidential politics), Our Lady of the Bayous, set in rural Louisiana.

Michael Potter, Producer
Michael Potter (Producer)

When Trevor Hill approached Michael to make a film about the historical political bias against Mormons, Michael cited his longstanding personal policy to avoid projects dealing with politics or religion. His curiosity about the nation’s religio-political zeitgeist eventually won out, however. Michael’s hope in making this film was to not become an authority himself, but to provide a forum where the various angles of this timely topic could be presented as the impetus to further discussion among viewers.

Michael studied film and Japanese at Brigham Young University. Upon graduating he began work on film sets with crews from around the world. While maintaining clients in the commercial/corporate world through Lights + Colors, Michael is a Los Angeles-based producer, director, motion graphics designer, and editor.

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